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January 1999

Submitted 01/17
This is Jean from France, who appears to be a bit shy.

Through the miracle of modern science, we have actually enhanced one
photograph to show you want Jean might actually look like!

Submitted 01/17
These photos of Wanda were submitted by her husband, Tony.

Wanda lives in Greenville, SC.

Submitted 01/10
Lola claims to have sent these herself, but someone was holding that camera.

Lola resides in Spain I think?

Submitted 01/05
Sid sent in these pics of his girlfriend Marsha, who's good with a razor.

The location of Marsha is obviously private - to keep you perverts away!

Submitted 01/04
This is Mary, sent in by anonymous.

Say, that's a nifty boat!

Submitted 01/03
This is Liz, sent in by anonymous.

We like Liz, but have to recommend contact lenses.

Submitted 01/02
This is Phillipe & Estelle, from somewhere overseas.

We're glad to see they're practicing safe sex.

Submitted 01/01
This is Kristen from Ithaca, NY.

Photos submitted by husband.

Submitted 01/01
This is Louise from Europe (yes, Europe).

Louise really needs to borrow Marsha's razor.

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